Day by Day
I drift into the realm
Of nothingness
Unseen Being
No more struggle
to merge
No more begging
to be heard
I go into the blackness
Thickened silence
Welcomes me
I am accepted
I am free



It runs through my veins

It takes over my brain

Frame by Frame

I am collected

Taken back by  my reflection

I stand their enthralled

watching color seeping

into my skin




history hidden within me




I move arms open

to embrace the race  within

sunlight glistening


on my melanated skin





Self Worth

You call me miser
cause I budget at my will?
You call me fool
When I am simply too cool
You call me a procrastinator
Only I know I am a perfectionist
You call me cocky
When I hold my head
too high
You call me damaged
When I simply share my past
You say too much drama
When I found my voice at last
You say I have attitude
When I am courageous and stern
You say I complain
When I share the truth you want to learn

You call me names

I give myself titles

freeing myself from that which stifles

giving me the power to forgive

and move foward and once again live








Mother in the hood


I am about to pull my hair out

One more winning and i will start to

Scream and shout

Stop this!

Stop that !

Oh my word, did you really just shit

Again and again and again

It seems it won’t end

No break in sight

In the day or night

From left to right

Up and down

They go round and round

My head is spinning

Maybe i should hide

Eat this

Eat that

Can you please just try

It’s really yummy

Pinkyswear, I tell no lie

What time is it?

I know … it’s nap time

Lie down

Don’t move

Soon you will snooze

Maybe an hour

I pray it will be two

So I can take a bath

wash my hair

even comb it too

Who am I kidding

You win

I loose

Please someone

Get me some booze